Odin 3.14.4 – Odin télécharger toutes les versions pour flash Samsung

Odin 3.14.4 – Odin télécharger toutes les versions pour flash Samsung

Samsung Odin Description of Odin3

Odin 3.14.4 est la dernière version qui a été publiée. Si c’est ce que vous cherchez, téléchargez-le depuis ce post.

Odin 3.14.1 est sorti et bientôt Odin 3.14.4 est arrivé. Cependant, nous vous recommandons d’utiliser Odin 3.14.1.

La raison en est que quelqu’un sur le forum des développeurs xda a dit qu’il s’agit d’une version piratée d’Odin 3.14.1 et comprend un fichier DLL de communication client-serveur basé sur le cloud (cpprest141_2_10.dll). Il n’y a aucun doute à ce sujet, nous vous suggérons donc de sauter cette version.

Odin3 est l’outil le mieux noté pour gérer les problèmes de micrologiciel Samsung.

Pour ceux qui ont utilisé Odin 3.14.4, bon ou mauvais, dites-le nous dans la section commentaire ci-dessous.

odin 3.14.4

Odin3 Software Details of Odin3

Software Name Odin3
Package Name Odin3-v3.14.4.zip
Version v3.14.4
Rating 4.3 ( 548 )
Size 4.36 MB
Requirement Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP
Updated 01-04-2020
Installs 8372

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What is Odin Samsung Software

Everyone knows Odin is the god in mythology, but Samsung also has a tool name Odin. It is a Utility software for samsung android devices. This application software is saving millions of Samsung devices in the world. Ohh, So it likes a God for Samsung device users. Yes, indeed this is solving device firmware issues and help to manage, maintain, control, recover, upgrade, downgrade, dead-issue or any problem. It gets to device back to normal with full functions. This is the best software to solve firmware issues.

* Odin3 is a firmware flashing software by Samsung for use own Android-based devices

Important facts to notice before flashing Samsung Device - Preparations

  1. Make a Full Data Backup everything stored on your device
  2. Install Samsung USB driver on your windows PC
  3. Samsung device's battery needs to full or minimum 60% charge
  4. Enable USB Debugging Mode in your device.
  5. Download and extract the Odin3 Samsung tool
  6. Exactly matched firmware file with your device's model number.
  7. USB Cable for connecting between your device and a computer.

How to backup your Samsung smartphone

Samsung has own cloud for store users data backups. However Android support google drive for creating and store users data backups. Therefore you can use one of those to store your backup data. Below simple steps, we show you can find how to make it.

First one shows how to make a backup in Samsung cloud

Odin Samsung - How to make a backup and Restore Samsung Smartphone
Samsung Cloud backup Steps

This one shows how to make a google drive backup and restore

how to make a google backup before Odin flashing
Google drive backup

How to Enable USB Debugging Mode?

USB Debugging Mode need to enable for facilitate a connection between your device and a computer.

Sometimes tech experts told this is not necessary for anything related to flashing kernels and Roms. But we have to do it for safe your phone because something has gone wrong, device unusable. You know It may be very difficult to get back to work the device.

Follow the bellow steps for activate it.

Samsung developer options, USB debugging Mod enable - Samsung Odin 3

Normally Developer Options are hidden, But you can navigate it through Apps >Settings > About phone, now it has "Build number" then tap the 7 times.

developer options, USB debugging Mod enable - Samsung Odin Mode

Final step 6 appear popup massage "Allow USB debugging", then tap OK.

How to enable boot Download Mode (odin mode)

Odin mode and the Download Mode are the same things because Odin flashing use it calls Odin mode. Basically, this is used for download and flash ROMs and kernels. It is doing with the press key-combination together and holds 3 to 5 seconds.

Firstly, need to turn off the Samsung phone for boot download mode. To do following these steps

How to Enable Odin Download Mode
Enter Recovery mode / Odin mode / Download mode

⋙ Bixby key includes Samsung devices: Volume Down + Bixby + Power buttons.
⋙ Home key includes Samsung devices: Volume Down + Home + Power keys.
⋙ No Home or no Bixby keys: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power keys.

How to use Odin Samsung Flash Tool - A Basic Guide

The following basic steps will assist to flash stock firmware with using Odin3 flash tool. First, you need to connect your device to the computer. It must enable download mode before connecting the computer.

How to use Odin Samsung flash tool - odin3 v3.13.1
Odin3 v3.13.1

When the firmware install is finished, Odin3 display PASS!! with green color box.

What is mean BL, AP, CP, & CSC in Odin

AP - This is mean "Android Processor". Another short firm name "PDA" stands for the same meaning.
CP - It stands for "Core Processor"
CSC - It shows the name as ‘Consumer Software Customization’ or ‘Country Specific Code’. That is used to location base
BP - It mentioned "Bootloader", BP allow to flash the bootloader file with .tar or .tar.md5 extension.

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Odin 3.14.1 [Officiel] – Dernier fichier zip de téléchargement Odin en 2020

Odin3 (Odin Download) v3.14.1

Version v3.14.1

Developer Samsung

Uploaded mai 28, 2020 17:30

Filesize 2.50 MB

Odin 3.07 – Logiciel d’installation du firmware Samsung

Odin3 - Odin downloader v3.07

Version v3.07

Developer Samsung

Uploaded janvier 27, 2020 06:38

Filesize 400 KB

Odin3 v3.12.5 – Téléchargement de l’outil flash Samsung Odin

Odin3 - Odin downloader v3.12.5

Version v3.12.5

Developer Samsung

Uploaded janvier 27, 2020 06:13

Filesize 1.0 MB

Odin 3.09 – Téléchargement du logiciel flash du micrologiciel Samsung

Odin3 - Odin downloader v3.09

Version v3.09

Developer Samsung

Uploaded janvier 27, 2020 05:58

Filesize 972.43 KB

Télécharger Odin v3.12.10 – Outil flash du firmware Samsung

Odin 3 v3.12.10

Version v3.12.10

Developer Samsung

Uploaded janvier 27, 2020 05:17

Filesize 3.0 MB

📥 Téléchargement de l’outil flash Samsung Odin v3.13.1

Odin3 3.13.1

Version 3.13.1

Developer Samsung

Uploaded janvier 27, 2020 05:05

Filesize 3.7 MB

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